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  1. Shirley, did you sell all your Accuquilt dies?  I've been collecting this past year and have quite a few, but thought I'd check to see what you're selling.  I'm 74 now, but not ready to give up on making quilts and quilting them.  I am cleaning out a lot of books and other "creative" things I'm no longer interested in.  I can't believe how much "stuff" a person can collect over the years.  Anyway... let me know what dies you still have.  You may have a treasure I don't have yet.

    Thanks - Jean

    1. brunerwoman


      Jean, I just wrote myself a note to make of list of the dies and pantos and put them on MQR.  I will share the list of dies with you first before I put it out there. I should have the list tomorrow. Thanks for asking.  BTW, we are the same age. haha


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