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    This one with the coffee stain color is the one that captivates me. I know many more are more elaborate but this one has my heart. I have some cloth I recently purchased to redo a quilt lost in a tornado and this is it. Love it cindy, really love it! Tinkerbell/Deborah
  2. Cindy, Keep it up girl. I believe you may be onto something. LOL! You are too much and I will never get enough! Deborah/Tinkerbell
  3. These colors drew me in. The quilting kept me there! Deborah/Tinkerbell
  4. unbelievably pretty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Deborah/Tinkerbell
  5. Tinkerbell


    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful ! Tinkerbell
  6. It takes discipline to do that much ruler work. It takes a professional to do it well. I always enjoy looking at your work.Tinkerbell
  7. Your work is just an inspiration. Tinkerbell
  8. How do you go about viewing these videos? Deborah
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