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    machine quilting, panto design, natural dyeing

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  1. Judy Lyon


    Americana, etc.
  2. Judy Lyon

    MeadowLyon's Modern Quilts

    Quilts by Judy Lyon
  3. Judy Lyon

    snow green fabric

    Thanks Sewdreamy. I'm doing ice dyeing tonight. But When I get a beautiful piece like this, I can't stand to cut into it. Typical, huh?
  4. I love your quilts. It's a type of quilt I would like to try.
  5. Judy Lyon

    snow dyeing

    I've posted a post all about my snow dyeing. Check it out so you'll understand the pictures. First I have"Out in the snow" then fabric I've finished and finally a quilt I'm making with the snow dye. Of course I'm quilting it with Meadowlyon patterns. I'm writing excerpt of my great-grandfathers journal on the blocks. Enjoy! Love, Judy
  6. Judy Lyon

    snow dyeing

    With Rocky I'm all set for snow dyeing. It's so fun. YOu can reaad about it in the chat I posted. The pictures will be snow dyeing in the backyard. Some yardage I've dyed and a quilt I"m making with the dyed fabric.
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