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  1. Sewdreamy

    BJ's quilts

  2. Sewdreamy


    I sold this quilt in February. The buyer really loves it and that makes me very happy.
  3. Sewdreamy


    This is soo cute! wonderful quilting.
  4. I really like this charming quilt.
  5. Sewdreamy

    Stellar Nursery

    This quilt was juried into 2009 Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival. The judges liked the basic design, but one of the comments noted that the border detracted from the overall design. Now that I look at it, I can tell they are right. A black binding would have probably been sufficient. I plan to make more space-based quilts.
  6. Sewdreamy


    This quilt is now home. Funny, you know, I can see lots of things about this quilt that I should have done differently that I did not see before I submitted it. I think this is an excellent lesson for me. I knew the quilting wasn't great, but the design also has some flaws. I will chalk this one up to my learning journey. Cheers.
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