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  1. Having a well-deserved 60 minute massage right now! Yes!

  2. Last night I went to a fun Valentine-themed Relief Society meeting for Church and had a good time - but I realized that I was the oldest person there! Seriously? How did this happen??? Unbelievable. Reality. :( Glad tho that all the young'ens love me!! (I think)!!!

  3. Grandchild number 7 was born last night at 6:37 p.m. His name is Cohen Andrew Springer! 7 lbs. and 19" long! Woo Hoo! Little Ruby Jane Springer was #6 and born only a few weeks ago! I love having grandchildren! Grandchild #8 is due the end of June!

    1. Jo Ann Gruber

      Jo Ann Gruber

      Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!

  4. Used my Silhouette Cameo to make Chapstick or Lip gloss Holder Cards last night! They are so cute. I love playing with it! But have to get to the quilt on the frame and get a t-shirt quilt quilted for a customer tonight! Love to quilt and love to play with my Silhouette!! :)

  5. It's so late but how can I go to bed when I am downloading Office Mac for my new iMac computer? We desperately needed a new computer! Just ask Stacey and its been a year since she was here!

  6. Just received my Silhouette Cameo from Fed Ex Ground. They forgot to load it on the truck yesterday or I would have received it yesterday!! :) So excited to take it out and start reading the instruction manual! Yes, I really do read it! :) My kids are all feeling better today too - many of them had the throwing up bug - even in different states! :( Not cute. And one has a sinus infection. :( Sorry kiddos. Glad you didn't have all of that when I was there last week!

  7. While I was in Utah last week, I bought myself a Silhouette Cameo vinyl-cutting (and more) machine! I am so excited! It should arrive today! ALSO, my awesome husband is letting me go buy a new computer for our home! Getting a MAC! I will now be part of the Springer Family again - as they all have Macs now I think, except for possibly Dan-Brooke Springer. Can't wait! So many awesome birthday presents!! :) Did I tell you that Andrew bought and surprised me with an iPad 2 for Christmas?...

  8. Going home after a wonderful and very busy week in Salt Lake City! Just starting to board the plane now!

  9. I see you have only been quilting for a year - YOU ARE AMAZING! Do you have a computerized quilting machine, or do you do all of it with rulers or marking and freehand? Just wondering - it's so beautiful!
  10. Gorgeous quilting! I used this very same pattern on a quilt I quilted for a customer! Very nicely done!
  11. My 56" x 57" flannel wall hanging appraised today at $1800.00! Made me so happy!

    1. Tina Higley

      Tina Higley

      HOLY COW! I've been outta the loop!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew I loved that quilt...I have exquisite taste!!! I'll bet you can't wait to get started on the next one!

  12. Grandma Nel

    LynnEl in Illinois - Beema

    Quilts I have made and quilted or customers' quilts I have quilted.
  13. From the album: LynnEl in Illinois - Beema

    I have a customer who, when she was a little girl, hand pieced this quilt together with her Grandmother, who has since passed on. After decades passed, Beth found a few of these quilts in a box stashed away. She pulled them out, talked to a friend of mine who let her know about my quilting business. She asked me to quilt them for her. She just wanted an overall pattern, which I did for her on the other two, but could not bring myself to do that on this 8 pointed Star quilt. It has blocks about 13" each and the 8-pointed star blocks are every-other-one and then a blank piece of white fabric blocks every-other-one. I told Beth that this had to be custom quilted! So she has been saving her money so she could have me do it and then she hopes to give it to her daughter for her wedding! (not as yet engaged, but dating someone). So after taking a class from Karen McTavish and watching the free videos on this site, I got up the nerve to try some curved crosshatching!! It was a bit difficult due to the fact that the piecing isn't exact, so there are some folds in the fabric occasionally, but I told her that was going to and bound to happen. She was okay with that. Anyway, I thought I'd put a picture or two up for you to see some of it as I work on it.
  14. Grandma Nel


    VERY nicely done! I love this idea of 'framing' the block!
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