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  1. Idon't like to frog...grrrrr

  2. mel

    Sparkler Quilt

    ooooh! Love it. Thanks for posting.
  3. Finally, fall weather in our part of Texas! Perfect day for handwork!

  4. Did not get to sew or quilt this weekend cuz I was busy grading essays! My machines must have been lonely: I sure missed them!

  5. Off to Des Moines! WooHoo!

  6. Had a blast at local quilt show and did not even buy any fabric...of course, the visit to the quilt shop was a different story!

  7. Awfully glad it is Friday! Local guild show tomorrow and then quilting up a storm for rest of weekend!

  8. I dislike frogging!

  9. wondering why my family's ancestors did not settle some place that is cooler

  10. mel


    Wowzers! This quilt is awesome!
  11. mel

    Mel's Quilts

    These are my quilts. Enjoy the show.
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